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A Family Affair

Guillaume Caillouel and later on his son Florentin were producers of apples, cider and Calvados in the second half of the 19th century. Their research led them to select an apple variety that would be named after them in 1886: the Caillouel apple.


They distributed their products, quite successfully, in the whole of Normandy and in Paris.

Even in the face of family tragedies that affected the estate, the production of cider never stopped, our tradition perpetuated by Hervé Caillouel for the past 30 years.

In 2014, Paul Caillouel took over this passionate family business with the desire to offer finer, more elaborate ciders. Combining creativity with tradition.

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Amfreville, our family estate, is located in Eturqueraye in a zone d’appellation contrôlée (protected designation area) for Calvados, at the heart of Normandy, in between the Seine valley and the Risle valley.


All our apples are raised on our family’s orchards. We cultivate ten hectares of tall tree orchards and ten hectares of low growing trees. 

We grow 15 varieties of apples from four cider apple categories: bittersharp, sweet, bittersweet and sharp.

Each cider is made using several apple varieties, each with its own importance: the bittersharp apples bring structure, the bittersweet ones their flavour, the sweet ones their sugar and, last but not least, the sharp ones structure and bring a fresh touch to the product. 


Our orchards are located on clay-with-flints and silt soil.


Our varieties: Fréquin rouge, Marie Menard, Noël des champs, Binet rouge, Judor, Petit jaune, Caillouel, Doux veret de Carrouges, Saint Joseph, Douce Moen, Bedan, Douce coet ligne, Bisquet.


In 1886, Florentin Caillouel named a type of apple after his own name: the Caillouel apple. Previously widespread, this low-yield variety was somewhat excluded by modern production standards. In the very same orchards, Paul, his great-grandson, now continues the family tradition by redeveloping this variety that was almost extinguished.

Paul Caillouel: “The Caillouel apple features at the heart of our blend, so that we can preserve this heritage and protect diversity”.



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Château d’Amfreville


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